Welcome to the NEBU Family Vacations Wiki

This site is specifically designed for the NEBU (Norred, Echols, Backstrom, and Urquhart) Family to plan the most fabulous family vacations ever!

Check out the following pages to contribute your ideas or comment on those of others:

Vaca Dates

Destination Options

Food Options (Don't forget to check out the vote option on this page!)


Budget (Check out this new page and be sure to vote!!)


No Trespassing!

To contribute to this site, vote on vacations, or add content you must...

1) Belong to the NEBU Family

2) Be positive and stay involved

3) Never complain! (or pick on anyone's ideas)

P.S. If you choose not to engage, you forfeit the right to have a say in the vacation choosing activities!


Latest activity

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